Cláudia Moura is Miss Summer 2016 2nd runner up

Cláudia Moura was elected Miss Summer 2016 2nd runner up at Merit Royal Hotel in Cyprus. The international beauty pageant took place in Cyprus from 28th of August to 4th of September, where candidates of 15 countries competed to the maximum coronations. Cláudia Moura is very delighted to be placed in the Top 8 and elected 2nd runner up. It was really a good experience, during an intense week of rehearsals, activities, where in addition to meeting new people, it was a privilege to represent Portugal and contact with other country customs and traditions. Nevertheless, we would like to address the Miss Summer Organization, Congratulations for this wonderful experience. Cláudia and Miss Queen Portugal are very grateful for all the support received from family, friends and followers. A special word of thanks to the sponsors.

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